Facebook Hidden Posts – Info & Tutorial

In this new video I uncover exactly WHAT Facebook’s hidden posts are… where you can find them, what makes them hidden and how you can get them back!

This is a must-see video for all Facebook Page owners. Leave a comment below with your thoughts & questions.

You can also watch the Facebook Hidden Posts video on YouTube.

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53 thoughts on “Facebook Hidden Posts – Info & Tutorial

  1. My husband is a doctor and I am an RN. I recently spent two hours typing quality information about chickenpox and shingles. They both disappeared. This article was information for people to read about when to see your doctor and things about shingles and chicken pox. I hardly consider it as spam. Generalized non- plagiarized information to teach people when to seek help from their doctor. Both times the article disappeared. I don’t understand this. If facebook wants quality they clearly are not showing this as this material is written by licensed professionals for people I have had friends contact me about where the information is. I am unable to retrieve it. I am thinking FB cares more about silly insignificant things as playing games and they allow vulgar language but quality material disappears. There was no website or Dr. office promoted. It was an article informing people about the interactions between Chicken Pox and Shingles. I am very unhappy with this.

  2. When I click “Unhide” on a post, it still remainds hidden on my wall. Is there anything I can do to make a hidden post reappear on my wall for public views?


      • Thanks for the great video, but I’m having the same problem as Vivian. I even logged out of facebook, opened a new browser window and went to my wall and the posts are not there. They are no longer in my “hidden posts,” and the only way I can access them is by going back to my email and opening from there. Ugh!

        • Make sure you view your pages wall via the Everyone (Most Recent) link.
          You can find it aligned right above the status update widget.
          By default you only see what you posted yourself, that may be the problem.

  3. hi, thanks for the video,
    & I’d like to share my issue with u, maybe u can help me.
    I find normal posts under “Hidden posts” tab, I mean posts without any links or anything just words, & I don’t have any words in my page’s “Moderation blocklist”.
    so, what do u think ?

    • Hi Jamey – there will be some reason Facebook considers them spam… perhaps the person has posted the same text on many different Pages.

      However, you can help their system to not recognize these as spam by “un-marking” them as spam as shown in the video.


  4. Hi there, for some reason all my posts to friends/businesses go into hidden posts so they miss what i have asked or said. Is there anyway i can change it so i dont keep going into hidden posts?

    And no i haven’t been spamming or annoying people – Very genuine account here L:)

    Many thanks Liz x

  5. Excellent James, I discovered today that I had hidden post going back 3 – 4 months, none of which were spam, of course I didn’t know why they were in my hidden posts folder.. googled it… you came up.. watched you video, sorted! Very helpful thanks, Chris

  6. Hi James
    I hide a lot of posts but they keep reappearing on my wall! It is very tedious to have to keep hiding them. Can you help please?

  7. Help! I thought I hid only one post from a friend but it seems I’ve hidden everything except the names. I’ve tried all FB’s suggestions from their help pages. Any suggestions. I’ve checked that I haven’t blocked any/all friends, subscribing to everyone, security settings. What have I missed? Did I ban or delete something critical?

  8. I’ve tried the suggestions in your video, but I fear they are either for FB before they recent changes or I’ve done something very odd. Under “wall” on my page, there is no notation “Hidden posts”. There is no icon to the right of anyone’s post. I only see their profile pic and the shaded triangle letting me choose whether it is a top story or not. Hope this information is helpful in finding a solution to my problem.

    • I have the same question but I see it never got answered? Anyone know if the updated version has different way of getting post back?

  9. Hi, I am admin of an APP, not a page, but it still has the ‘hidden’ post icon.
    The problem is that everything I post is under the hidden post tab. I unhide them but they are still there even after I’ve refreshed, exited browser, un-hidden them again, all of my posts still appear as hidden???
    I get comments and likes but not as many as I thought a 9000 fan page would, i’m wondering if not everyone who has liked the page or used the app can see my posts?
    Cheers on any reply.

  10. Hi James,

    Compliments for your video! It’s very usefull. But is there is no option to turn off the filter? I am Admin of a community page and somehow half of the posts keep going to the hidden posts with no reason. It is a quite small page so i do not have any spam..

    I rather delete the spam once every while then make posts unhidden every day.

    Also, is there a way i can respond and write on the wall of the page with my own personal account instead as the page itself?

  11. Hi James,

    I find your youtube channel quite useful and have a problem that does not seem to be addressed anywhere on the internet, so I was hoping you could give me a quick minute of your time.

    I have a couple pages on facebook, one of which is running fine and is fairly successful, and a new one with some strange bugs.

    Basically, when I view my page either as the page or from any other page, 90% of my wall posts are not there. The strange thing is that as a personal user I and everyone else can see all of my posts.

    As a music page I’d like to network with other music pages, my concern is that these pages will not see any of the content I post on my page wall.

    Any ideas would be appreciated.
    The page is http://www.facebook.com/perlspocket
    –if you view it from your personal account, multiple wall posts are visible, but if you were to view it as your page it would only give one or two posts, which seem to randomly change.

    Thank you very much for this and all of your past help!!

  12. My comment is the same above (Mick). I dont like the thought that people who have posted to our page think we have deleted them – as most of them are genuine and aligned with our work. Hope Fb offers a way of admins determining what should be marked as spam

    • I agree! We should be able to opt out of this feature on our pages! I hate this feature! Innocent posts are being hidden from the public eye. People think they are being ignored. It’s effecting the whole interaction which is what makes FB so awesome.

  13. Hello there, a quick question, if I comment back to a hidden post as an admin of a page, will that person be notified of my comment and able to read it?
    Thank you very much in advance.

  14. I click on my wall and there is no ‘hidden posts’ word under the word ‘wall’. I know some posts got hidden because they were there then gone in the next minute. I have to go to their wall to see them again but now i wonder if there are others. How can I check if I don’t have a ‘hidden posts’ button?

  15. Hi,
    Thank you for the Video.
    The video talks about the manager of the page. What should I do as a person who tries to post something on the page?
    I created a personal account of mine, and I try to post something on a community page. But my posts are hidden by facebook automatically.
    I got really crazy about that and I don’t know what should I do.

    I haven’t been spamming or annoying people, because it is a new account and from the first second it was filtered by FB. what should I do?
    Thanks for your reply.

  16. Why do other people’s posts keep reappearing = even after I click on Hide Story?

    Just re”hid” over 40 posts that I had previously hidden. This is more than ridiculous. HELP!

    • Ditto! I only need to see most postings once to know if I want to refer to them again. It is SO frustrating to “hide story” over and over. Someone? Also, why are postings not shown chronologically? Updating via “reload, refresh or news feed” gives me a seemingly random selection of items to be re-hidden, two – three day-old items mixed in with “7 hrs. ago”, “4 mins. ago” ??? And NOT necessarily the postings I chose to save! Is it really worth it?

  17. Thanks for the useful tips James.
    I’ve disabled the capability to post links and they appear greyed out-hidden. But beneath it another user posts. “thanks for the link” so they are seeing it??? Only explanation i can think is they get it via email notification?? it was definitely grey and i had to click unhide.
    Also…I have mod filters to catch most spam. I recently had an attack of spam from a rival group and they were all greyed out and i deleted them…never appeared to make the wall. but if i go to THEIR page and click on their recent activity and click on the post…it seems to be there from their point of view. Even weeks later. Click on it and it shows up as a post from them to my wall in white, not greyed. go to my wall i don’t see it. So i have to hide it from THEIR wall by clicking the X and hiding post even though i don’t see it on my wall but apparently it’s there. Strange. I’m not blocked from their page at all because i’ve never commented there and i appear to see all their posts on FB and when they like my page i see them and delete them so they are not hidden as such to me but somehow seem to sneak posts to my wall i can’t see. Or do you think it’s a FB glitch and even though it shows in their recent activity as a successful post it’s not really there to the public? Any thoughts?

  18. I have been trying to figure this out for weeks and your post is the ONLY thing that has helped me. THANK YOU! I have figured out why my posts (AS A USER) are not showing up on the walls of some of the pages I am a fan of.

    Why are some Fan pages treating my posts as spam? I have a normal facebook profile, all of my posts are public, yet some pages are treating me as spam. :(

    Any ideas?

  19. good morning. i am new to facebook. my FB profile works great in every way. i created a page to advertise myself as a musician. uneducated, i clide “hide all posts” from some pages i want to receive. i used the help procedure for edit settings but they remain on the list. i tried to unlike a page and then like again. they go right back on the list. also, when someone tries to share content with me from any of these pages on the list, they are just not there at all. any tips or tricks? please email me. thank you so much.

  20. i shared photos and some links on my page but when i refresh my page it didnt showing me the photo and the links …..but it’s still on my wall photos ….. what is the problem ? please help me

  21. James, I have a law suit pending because of liable posted on a face book page. The person has since hidden posts and my responses plus reworded the post considered liable. Is there any way I or my attorney retrieve this messages or do we need to contact facebook and have the posts retrieved. Thank you

  22. Can someone tell me if this is possible:

    I will post a link PUBLICLY in my timeline and I won’t delete/hide it for a day. My question is, how can I hide this public post to specific people (my friend) without deleting it if possible?

  23. Jim,

    I hid a post that a friend posted on my timeline. How can I get it back so it is visible again!? Any help will be appreciated and thank you!

  24. I hardly see 5-6 posts all at a time on my Facebook page. I’ve heard about a “View older posts” hyperlink at the bottom of the page. However, in my case, I can see this link: “more stories.” and an “Edit Options” hyperlink at the bottom but of no use. i cant see any of the newer/recent posts except 5 -6 of them nt the old ones. Facebook’s help pages are of no help. pls help

  25. Hello there! I know this is somewhat off topic but I was wondering which blog platform are you using for this
    website? I’m getting tired of WordPress because I’ve had issues with hackers and I’m looking at options for another platform. I would be great if you could point me in the direction of a good platform.

  26. Great video James! Do you have any idea why there are hidden comments in my post in my FB page? Comments are not spam and it was just recently that there are a lot of hidden comments in my post. I have to manually unhide them. Thank you very much for your help!

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