Pinterest is a key trend in marketing right now – you might even have caught the bug yourself and been swept up in Pinterest fever!

It’s true that Pinterest can be a great source of traffic for your website, and great for branding – but is it really all just about retail, dresses and recipes, or can it actually work for YOUR industry? If your business offers a product or service that doesn’t fit into the common Pinterest mould, don’t be disheartened – it can still work for you!

Don’t believe us? Here are some fantastic examples of Pinterest successes that may come as a surprise…


A business to business company that really knows how to work it on Pinterest. Last time I checked Hubspot had 3919 followers – and not a recipe in sight. Not bad going eh?

Not only does Hubspot offer boards jam packed with valuable marketing tips, colourful customer testimonials and successful campaigns, it also shows a lot of personality with fun boards like ‘Marketing Cartoons’ and ‘Bad Marketing Kittens’ which leverage the ‘cute’ factor, downplay the serious side of business and make their Pinterest profile colourful, varied and appealing.


Unsurprisingly, Petplan Insurance has a very animal themed Pinterest profile. Surprisingly, Petplan put their reputation on the line by including boards that showcase customer success stories based on Petplan payouts.

This tactic has a huge impact on their reputation and authority, inspiring recognition and – most importantly for and insurance company – TRUST. They boost this further with boards like “Meet the Team” that showcase Petplan employees’ pets and behind the scenes snapshots which demonstrate that they are caring pet owners too, not just unfeeling corporate robots. Clever.

General Electric

General Electric is the ultimate perceived unlikely example of Pinterest success. Not only is it a B2B company, it also operates in the manufacturing & engineering industry – one which you certainly wouldn’t think appeals to the Pinterest user demographic.

But it’s totally owning Pinterest.

By using a combination of humorous and creative boards like ‘Badass Machines’ (impressive images of everything that they produce) and ‘Hey Girl’ (a fun board of industry relevant romantic quotes) they are successfully bridging the gap and making their industry appealing.


Software and technology is definitely not an industry you’d expect to see reaping the rewards of Pinterest, but CNET is just one of the tech companies (including tech giants Windows and Apple, naturally) who are doing just that. CNET offer carefully curated boards with visually appealing content relevant to their core clientele but with a witty, fun angle that makes them a great fit for sharing with and inspiring a wider audience. Boards such as “Geeks Only” and “Geeky DIY” play on the geek label attributed to the tech savvy, and boards like ‘car tech’ and ‘tech tips’ revel in all things technical – but in a cool way.

So what should you take away from this?

Well, it shows you that no matter what industry you are in, you don’t have to just copy what everyone else is doing on Pinterest. Stay true to your core values and your demographic, mix it up with a combination of innovative boards that give value, personality and humour and you can make Pinterest work for YOUR business.

My advice? Grab yourself a fat slice of Pinterest NOW before your competitors beat you to it!

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Photo Credit: ShardsOfBlue

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