Photo: Paralympic Games emblem in Trafalgar Square, London

Happy Friday fellow business owners!

Welcome to your weekly wrap-up of the resources, tips and advice that’s affecting our industry right now.

Here in London we’re about the welcome the Paralympic Games, so the roads, railways and restaurants are getting busy!

It’s super-busy here at JTN HQ too… lots of new clients, campaigns and copywriting this week – plus a rather unusual dinner event!

Brush up your skills, knowledge and inspiration with these resources… hand-picked from the range of material my team and I have been reading this week.


Custom URLs Coming to Google+
How To: Write Free Ebooks That People Really Want
Dealing With Sales Objections
Outstanding New Google Remarketing Options
How To: Get More Guest Blog Posts Accepted


Could Facebook fire Zuckerberg?
After Sales Email Best Practices
How To Stop Your Book Looking Self-Published
Five ways to prevent your employees being poached
How To: Beat Entrepreneurial Stress


Free CRM For Your Business
Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer

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