Weekly Wrap Up: 6th April 2012

Image: The Big Fabergé Egg Hunt taking place across London

Hi there – happy (almost) Easter from London, England!

Today is a holiday in the UK, so it’s a short week for us. We still managed squeeze a ton of development in, though! New offices (we’re growing), new training production, lots of client calls (GREAT progress there) and lots more!

This is your weekly wrap-up of news, tutorials, tips and useful resources for your business.

(Did you modify your Facebook Page for the new timeline layout yet? BTW, here’s my updated Page…)

In this week’s resources… thoughts on the future of Facebook, LOTS of Google changes that affect SEO pros and retail businesses, lessons from business leaders and tips on how to close more sales.




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James makes businesses bigger. He's worked with some of the world's largest brands and companies to market their products and services online - including Disney, Microsoft, 20th Century Fox, Virgin, Coca Cola, MTV and many others. Read more about James...

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