Quite a few people have been getting in touch with me and the support desk to ask questions about the Facebook Business Academy training that I’ve just opened up.

Facebook Business Academy – More Info & Sign-Up

So I thought I’d answer some of the most common questions quickly as the class is closing very soon…

Q: When does the training start?
A: You’ll have access to module 1 as soon as you enroll. The other modules will be added to the members’ area every 7-10 days. We go through the training together and there’s a webinar at the end of each module to answer any of your questions.

Q: Is this suitable for newbies?
A: Yes – it’s perfect for people that aren’t using Facebook at all for business. We cover the basics as well as much more advanced info for  people that want to know how to massively improve their success.

Q: What extra support do I get if I need it?
A: I PRIDE myself on my support! Included in your tuition you get unlimited Q&A with me and my team in your members’ area. You can also contact our support desk if you have any non-Facebook issues. You WON’T get stuck without the help or information you need!

PLUS every person that enrolls gets a 30 min private one-on-one phone consultation with me where we can discuss anything you need!

Q: Is this the full training?
A: YES, this is the full training, not a sample or cut-down version. This is the full course that will be sold for 5x or 10x the cost in a month or two. PLUS I’m giving all preview students access to the NEXT class too so you won’t miss anything and will get ANOTHER chance to attend the webinars and ask questions etc.

Q: Why is this discounted so much?
A: Because I want your feedback – and I want your success stories! Your success stories will help me sell the training at full price in a month or two.

Q: Is there a guarantee?
A: YES – try out the training and the webinars and everything for 30 days and if it’s not right for you, get every penny back!

The Decision!
So there you have it. If you want to tap into the 250 million people that log into Facebook every single DAY (by the way, you can do this for FREE) then this is perfect for you.

The Facebook Business Academy training will:

  • Take you from Facebook Newbie to Facebook Pro in record time – even if you’re just getting started
  • Give you everything you need to know to CREATE and GROW a HUGE following
of RAVING FANS that you engage with on Facebook and who follow you
wherever you go!
  • Teach you exactly how to use Facebook’s incredibly powerful advertising system to reach your ideal customers at a fraction of the cost of other sources
  • Give you everything you need to know to take advantage of the enormous untapped audience that Facebook offers – for FREE
  • Teach you how to convert your followers into actual customers
  • Teach you advanced strategies that only the most advanced marketers know about Facebook.
  • Teach you ALL this based on REAL evidence, experience, testing and data

And there will never be a chance to get the training at 80% – 90% off again. It’ll go on sale again in a month or two for 5x or 10x the cost. That’s the normal cost, but if you want to get the discount you only have another day or two to sign up here:

Facebook Business Academy – More Info & Sign-Up

There is a LOT more info about what is included in the course on that page, so do check it out!

If you have any questions at all, just shoot an email to: support@guru.zendesk.com and my assistant Jenny will get right back to you!

Hope to see you inside the Academy!