I’m sure you’ve heard of YouTube – but did you know it’s the SECOND most popular search engine (after Google, obviously!)? Yes, that means you NEED to take notice – and you NEED to be on YouTube in some way or another!

YouTube is no longer just a place to find videos of puppies doing funny stuff, or bad wedding videos… businesses large and small are using it to connect and engage with their customers in a way that a website on its own never could.

Follow these tips and you’ll be creating great videos in no time PLUS find out what you need to do to get your videos SEEN by your customers!

Give Your Videos a Purpose
First of all you need to make sure your video has a purpose. You want your video to make the viewer DO something… e.g. buy something, learn more, subscribe to something, etc. The purpose might be as simple as getting the viewer to feel a “connection” with you. But your videos should always have a purpose, or you’re wasting your time, and your viewers’ time!

Businesses videos on YouTube are a little like longer adverts… except that on YouTube people need to choose to watch your video, instead of the advert interrupting something they’re already watching (like the final episode of LOST!)

An Introductory Video
When you first register with YouTube, you set up what’s known as a channel. This is what people can “subscribe” to in order to receive updates whenever you publish a new video.

You need an initial video – think of this as the introduction to you and your business. You are looking to make a connection with the viewer. Don’t be afraid to talk about your personal side. What got you into the business? What are some of your hobbies? Why is it so important to you to help the viewer? These kinds of videos are always good for letting people know a bit more about YOU… so they can distinguish you from the other faceless corporations out there!

You can set your YouTube channel up so this video is always the one that appears first on your Channel page, so the visitor only needs to hit “play” to watch.

Once that connection is made, viewers and subscribers will start thinking about paying more attention to what you have to offer. This is when you can begin talking about the problems they might be facing and how you can help them solve these problems. But remember… nobody wants to be lectured to, so keep it light and short to maintain interest. 4-5 minutes is an ideal length for a video on YouTube.

Technical Stuff You Should Know
As part of the video upload process, you’ll add a description for your video. Make sure your website url is in the first line of that description, so that the viewer can quickly go to where you want them (e.g. your blog) where you can ultimately make the sale.

You also need to add “tags” which are single words (or phrases inside “quotation marks”) that help describe the video. These keywords will be used by viewers (potential customers) to find your video; either through searches on YouTube itself or the more frequently used search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

The absolutely MOST effective use of your time (much more than creating a “perfect” video) is choosing what tags to include with your video! Choose words and phrases that relate specifically to your video, and phrases you think people are searching for.

Videos I see rarely have ENOUGH tags, or they are too general…
Bad Tags: Health, Doctor, Skin
Good Tags: “solving skin rash”, “skin rash treatment”, “skin rash cream”, “skin rash remedy”, “sooth skin rash”, “skin rash cure”, “skin rash face”, “skin rash arms”, “skin rash body”, etc!

(DO include general tags, but you absolutely must have the specific ones too. With the above tags, the video stands a high chance of showing up when someone searches for “skin rash face” – which 6600 people per month do, by the way!)

To summarize: Include a good description with your keywords sprinkled throughout. And spend some time researching and thinking of tags to include with your video!

If you have videos on YouTube already, you can always add tags by clicking on the “edit” tab on the video’s page.

Although you can’t modify the video once it’s uploaded, you can add what’s called annotations to the video so that it is kept up to date. Annotations are similar to comment bubbles you often see on websites giving tips when your cursor hovers over a keyword or button.

The annotation can be set up to run through short sections of your video or throughout the entire video.

They can be used for LOADS of different reasons – for example:

  • reminding viewers of your url
  • reminding viewers to “like” or comment on your video
  • asking open ended questions that get the viewer thinking
  • making funny jokes about what’s happening in the video
  • correcting a mistake you made when creating the video

It’s NOT important to get it right the first time!

Don’t think your video has got to be perfect! It’s MUCH more important to get going.

Get something up there, and you will definitely get better with practice.

So go, upload that first video and begin exploring all the tools YouTube provides!